An Adopted New Yorker


I would have to say that John Lennon, without question–I mean there’s been so many wonderful things that has happened to me on stage, but him coming out on Thanksgiving 1975 at Madison Square Gardens, when he hadn’t appeared in New York since Shea Stadium with The Beatles, he had only appeared on stage at a peace concert in Toronto. He was so nervous. He threw up…we were doing three songs together. He came out to probably the most touching ovation I’ve ever heard for anyone. We all shed a tear on stage–a, because we were playing with John, but b, because the love from the audience–he was an adopted New Yorker, and he was there and they just loved him. So did we, but they loved him. So I would have to say that’s one thing–I’m getting tingles as I talk about it now. I’ll never forget that.

Elton John, talking about John Lennon’s last performance on stage after he won the bet with John that Whatever Gets You Through The Night would make it to number one.

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