It’s Enjoyable

John: We didn’t have an affair– not an ‘affair’ [Yoko laughs.]

Interviewer: What was that then…

John: I like playing it a bit faggy and all that; it’s enjoyable. But there were big rumours in Liverpool, it was terrible.


Interview with John and Yoko , where John discusses his relationship with Brian Epstein and his pleasure at what he describes as “playing it faggy.”

“I Think He Made It Up.”

And so now this fellow [Philip Norman] just decided to say “ oh well, [John] went on a holiday with someone who is known to be gay and therefore I think he’s gay.” I mean, I don’t know what to make of it, myself. I mean, I knew John for…

Q:  Who cares right?

A: Who cares, I suppose, yeah. I mean– well I care! As much as like….all I care about is if he isn’t, then it’s a naughty. I mean if John was, the trouble is see, he’s not here to defend himself.  And we can’t ask him, “excuse me John, are you, have you ever been gay?” I mean, he’s the kind, I remember when people used to ask that. There were lots of people asking cheeky questions and they were all saying …have you ever tried homosexuality, John?” You know they used to ask all that kind of stuff. I remember John saying to them “I never met a fella I fancied enough. And that was his kind of opinion. You know “I may go, I may be gay some day if some fella really turns me on.” He was that open about it. But as far as I was concerned I slept in a million places with John and there was never any hint of it. So I suspect it was something to sell a book. [Norman] will say that I’m a hopeless romantic and I’m naive and I’m an idiot and I’m cloaking stuff behind this mask of secrecy…but you know you can say all that stuff but I just don’t think it’s true. I think he just made it up.

Paul McCartney discussing Philip Norman’s claim that John Lennon had unrequited homosexual feelings for him, in his book John Lennon, The Life.

What’s interesting in this passage is that while Paul readily accepts that John was open to sexual experimentation (“he was that open about it”), he simultaneously rejects Norman’s exact same claim (“he just made it up.”)